Day 9 of my Top 10 Albums

At number 2..Is The Brand New Heavies The Brand New Heavies with their 1994 album "Brother Sister". Coming from Ealing in West London, the main members are Jan Kincaid (drums& vocals) Andrew Levy (on Bass) and Simon Bartholomew (on Guitar) and on vocals N’Dea Davenport. Their sound is known as ACID JAZZ. When I was in London. I got a call from The Brand new Heavies' manager asking me to come in for an audition… I was very surprised and extremely nervous. I took myself to a studio in West London, and there they all were ( Jan, Andrew and Simon)… and I had to sing… now, keep in mind, I was all over their sound and N’dea’s vocals. I had to sing a song she was known for.. Oh man….. anyhow.. I went into the vocal booth put my cans on and gave it a good go.. lol… they liked it but….. there were two things they wanted. Both I could not or did not want to give them. 1) sing with no vibrato ( can’t help it).. 2) Leave my solo career to be their vocalist ..Hmmmm…..sounds good but.. No thanks. Anyhow.. everything worked out the way it was meant to .I was in Singapore last week the sing Jazz festival and guess who was there.. BNH live and direct in 2018.. Here is the track I had to sing: #Top10