Day 6 of my Top 10 Albums

At number 5 is Lewis Taylor, with his self titled 1st album. Lewis Taylor made a heavy impact on the London soul scene. It was 1996 and I was living in London. I had moved there to record and to break into the European music scene.  One night while sleeping in my bed, listening to Jazz FM, I was woken by a tune. First my feet started moving then I woke myself up humming. Keeping in mind it was about 4am or something crazy like that. I listened intently to what I was hearing and waited for the DJ to back announce. He said with a deep Voice, THAT WAS THE NEW TRACK BY NORTH LONDON SINGER GUITAR PLAYER LEWIS TAYLOR. He recorded the entire album in his room, sang everything and played everything. He kind of reminded me of Marvin Gaye with his vocal style. The track that woke me was “Whoever”… Man, the vocals are tight!!!!! A few weeks later, he played at Ronnie Scotts in SoHo. Now, you know I had to go and see him live. So I did and I was blown away.  There has been a few more albums like ‘Stoned Part 1& 2’ -“Lewis II”. But to me the 1st was the best.  A true London sounding album with proper Blue Eyed Soul....



Day 5 of my Top 10 Albums

At number 6 is Donny Hathaway's 2nd studio Album Released on April 2nd 1971, "Donny Hathaway". To me, Donny Hathaway is one of the best male soul vocalists to have ever have graced our planet. He had a huge impact on artists such as Stevie Wonder, Aretha Franklyn, Roberta Flack, Frank McComb and little old me. Just to name a few. The first time I heard Donny Hathaway sing "A Song For you" it brought tears to my eyes. He had the ability to sing the word "AND", and make you feel every emotion. His version of, 'He Ain't Heavy, He's My Brother' still moves me to this day. Then there's 'Giving Up'. Man o Man. What a song. Oh and 'She Is My Lady'.. On January 13 1979. Donny Hathaway left this earthly plane. Although he is gone, he left us/me so much music and his stunningly talented daughter Lalah Hathaway. If you aren't aware of his Music/Voice and Soul, sit down one night, with a nice glass of red, and get Your Donny Hathaway on. Be prepared to be moved.


Day 4 of my Top 10 Albums

At number 7 is Rapture by Ms Anita Baker. This album was released in 1986. I was sixteen and man, was loving this album. It’s a mixture of jazz, and soul with classic tracks such as Sweet Love, No One In The World, Watch Your Step and Been so Long (which I covered on my last album). Let me say that there is a reason that very few have dared to take on Anita I remember when I did my last album, I was doing a phone interview with Teddy Bear from LOTL RADIO the ZONE, and he said he loved my version of Been So Long. I was like Oh.. wow.. thank you. I hope Anita Baker never comes across my version. She might call me and say.. Please Stop Singing My Songs! Well, as they say, everything must come to and end and that is the case with Ms Anita Baker's career. She is in the middle of a farewell tour, so I say thank you Ms Baker for the Music and the Memories. #Top10


Day 3 of my fave Top 10 Albums

At number 8 is Mr Marvin Gaye. Now I know what you're thinking... It will be Lets Get It On or Sexual Healing. or maybe even Inner City Blues. Well you'er wrong😎 My album choice today is, Here, My Dear. Released in 1978 and all of the Publishing money (or most of it) went to Marvin's Ex- wife.. Instead of paying her alimony he made her this album... hahaha...and man does he tell a story of Love and Love lost. My Fave tracks on the album are. A FUNKY SPACE REINCARNATION , ANGER, and YOU CAN LEAVE, BUT IT'S GOING TO COST YOU. If you have never heard Here, My Dear, I think it's about time you did.. Don't You. 😉


Day 2 of my fave Top 10 Albums

At number 9...It's Jane Child with her self titled debut album. When I was 19, I saw her single on Sounds or Video Hits - "Don't Wanna Fall In Love" and the next day I had to go to #Brashs in Pitt Street Sydney to get my own copy. 

She had a piercing from her ear to her nose with a chain joining them.. WoW.. And she was one of the first white chicks I had seen with Braids. She is a kick ass keyboard player with cool sounds (in 1989) and I loved her Voice. I made a #Tape and took her with me in my #Walkman Jane Child and I Hung big time in 1989. #Top10 #JaneChild