Day 1 of my fave top 10 albums

#10 is TEARS OF JOY by Tuck & Patti. This album had a huge impact on the 18 year old me. I think with just the fact that the production was simple and that Patti's voice is Rich and Soulful with no tricks or vocal gymnastics and that Tuck's guitar paying is like nothing I have ever heard since. Thank you Tuck & Patti.


Here comes Winter..

Greetings my fellow Humans.

If you live on my side of this big blue planet, winter is nearly upon us.  For some, this will be greeted with joy. For others... (like mysel) It will be like kissing a lover goodbye!  In saying that,  bring on the thermal underwear, warm jackets and let me warm you up with some soulful songs. :)

If you haven't yet heard, I'm doing some live shows in July.  If you're in Sydney, come join me on the 7th July at The Brass Monkey in Cronulla, or on the 29that Leadbelly in Newtown. I would love to see you! Click HERE to buy tix. 

The shows are called "MY STORY".  It's a musical walk through my career to date, my "hits", catalogue and of some of the artists I have worked with and admire over my 27 years!!!! Wow... that's a long time...Think what it would be like if you put all the songs, bands and artists that you have admired in that 27 years (if you're that old lol) and you made a #Mixtape. What do you think it would sound like? Come and find out at the shows. :)

Peace & Love, Deni xx


"My Story"... live shows & more

Hey there my Fellow Humans. I hope this blog reaches you well.

I just wanted to tell you about the new shows I'm doing in July 2017 and how excited I am to be heading out on the road..(so to speak). Doing what I love to do - sing, sing and sing some more!!

I'm not sure if you guys realise, but I've been in this industry of music for 27 years next year. What the! Over that time, many things have been said and written about me. Some good and some not I just put that down to life and and the fun things it has to offer - like singing, to lift your spirits up. So that's what I'm going to do on July 7 at the Brass Monkey Cronulla and on the July 29 at Leadbelly in Newtown.  You can read more and find the links to buy tix on either my Gigs or News pages on this very website. 

If you're in Sydney at that time...cause your visiting family, friends or lovers [ohhhhh!], come down and let me take you on a musical journey with lyrics, in my words. 

Peace Out, Deni Hines x

Coming Home....

Hello my fellow humans.  Well, I've been away for 6 weeks and although I've had a ball, I really can't wait to come home. It's sad but true - that i miss my bed, our animals  (all 5 of them) and of course my family  and friends , but most of all I miss singing.  As in write this blog I'm Singapore enjoying some serious heat.  Well, I need to get a move on and start packing.  Only 48 hours more and ill be home sweet home. PS: Happy 2017 the year of the Rooster. 

Peace Out . Deni xx

Happy 2017!

Welcome to 2017 my fellow humans.  It's the 4th day of the new year and I'm totally excited to see what will come my way this year.  

My latest album "The Soul Sessions" has now been out for three months and it seems to be going strong still.  Massive thanks to those of you who have purchased/stream, and special thanks to the radio/media/DJ's for supporting it!  

I'm currently in Vietnam as I write this blog and about to have some yummy food with my husband at Miss Ly cafe.  

On that note, eat, drink and be merry and HAPPY NEW YEAR!

Deni xxx