Day 7 of my Top 10 Albums

At number 4 is Stevie Wonder's SONGS IN THE KEY OF LIFE. Released in 1976, it was Stevie’s eighteenth album! This double album was deemed to be "culturally, historically, and aesthetically significant”. Now for me, as a little black girl growing up in Australia, Stevie Wonder was loud and proud in my house (thanks Mum). I remember hearing this album when I was going to school, getting home from school, having dinner and having a bath. One of my fav tracks off this album is “Black Man”. I love that track as it’s the best history lesson through song I have ever heard. Then there’s "Village Ghetto Land" which takes you on a walk through a Ghetto in the 1970s. “I Wish” lets us see how a little Stevie Wonder “saw” his world as a child. The opening track is a stunner "Love's In Need Of Love Today” and lyrically, to start a song with

“Good morn or evening friends

Here's your friendly announcer

I have serious news to pass on to everybody

What I'm about to say

Could mean the world's disaster

Could change your joy and laughter to tears and pain”.....

It surely makes you sit up and pay attention..