Day 4 of my Top 10 Albums

At number 7 is Rapture by Ms Anita Baker. This album was released in 1986. I was sixteen and man, was loving this album. It’s a mixture of jazz, and soul with classic tracks such as Sweet Love, No One In The World, Watch Your Step and Been so Long (which I covered on my last album). Let me say that there is a reason that very few have dared to take on Anita I remember when I did my last album, I was doing a phone interview with Teddy Bear from LOTL RADIO the ZONE, and he said he loved my version of Been So Long. I was like Oh.. wow.. thank you. I hope Anita Baker never comes across my version. She might call me and say.. Please Stop Singing My Songs! Well, as they say, everything must come to and end and that is the case with Ms Anita Baker's career. She is in the middle of a farewell tour, so I say thank you Ms Baker for the Music and the Memories. #Top10