Day 3 of my fave Top 10 Albums

At number 8 is Mr Marvin Gaye. Now I know what you're thinking... It will be Lets Get It On or Sexual Healing. or maybe even Inner City Blues. Well you'er wrong😎 My album choice today is, Here, My Dear. Released in 1978 and all of the Publishing money (or most of it) went to Marvin's Ex- wife.. Instead of paying her alimony he made her this album... hahaha...and man does he tell a story of Love and Love lost. My Fave tracks on the album are. A FUNKY SPACE REINCARNATION , ANGER, and YOU CAN LEAVE, BUT IT'S GOING TO COST YOU. If you have never heard Here, My Dear, I think it's about time you did.. Don't You. 😉