Here comes Winter..

Greetings my fellow Humans.

If you live on my side of this big blue planet, winter is nearly upon us.  For some, this will be greeted with joy. For others... (like mysel) It will be like kissing a lover goodbye!  In saying that,  bring on the thermal underwear, warm jackets and let me warm you up with some soulful songs. :)

If you haven't yet heard, I'm doing some live shows in July.  If you're in Sydney, come join me on the 7th July at The Brass Monkey in Cronulla, or on the 29that Leadbelly in Newtown. I would love to see you! Click HERE to buy tix. 

The shows are called "MY STORY".  It's a musical walk through my career to date, my "hits", catalogue and of some of the artists I have worked with and admire over my 27 years!!!! Wow... that's a long time...Think what it would be like if you put all the songs, bands and artists that you have admired in that 27 years (if you're that old lol) and you made a #Mixtape. What do you think it would sound like? Come and find out at the shows. :)

Peace & Love, Deni xx